Welcome to Both Feet in the Air!

Hello! Welcome to Both Feet in the Air – a travel blog for people who have champagne taste on a (craft) beer budget. Here you’ll find practical advice around budgeting, loyalty programs and bargain hunting; tips for getting the most out of your trips; and a few lessons learned from our many travel mishaps.


Welcome to our blog! We’re Rach & Ed, travellers with a love for nice things and nicer prices

I know what you’re thinking… Who are you and why am I going to read yet another travel blog?

We’re Rach and Ed, an American and an Aussie who met on vacation in 2010 and suddenly found ourselves in a very expensive long-distance relationship. We met when we were young and broke, so we quickly had to learn how to leverage loyalty programs and find the best travel deals.

We’re married and living in Australia now, but we still traveling as much as ever and we’ve learned a few things along the way!

OK, but what makes you different from the 9 million other blogs out there?

We both love reading travel blogs, but a lot of them cater to either extreme luxury travellers or backpackers on shoestring budgets – and a lot of the information wasn’t applicable to us.

We found it hard to find blogs for people like us – who have good jobs but aren’t rich; enjoy staying in nice hotels but don’t want to pay a fortune; and don’t mind the occasional splurge but love a saving – everything in moderation.

What now?

Read our blog, tell us your thoughts and email us at bothfeetblog@gmail.com if you have questions, requests or feedback!




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